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    “If we leave, we may never find a place as safe as this. And God knows, in this world, we could be face with something worse tomorrow. But that doesn’t change the simple fact that if we stay here, we will die, tonight. So pack your things, just take what you can carry. Now!“

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  2. like when Eliza finds out, it plays so real. It’s heart-breaking. And when we pick up, we have a bunch of people who don’t know what happened to people they care about, so that’s going to be fun see play out.

    Bruce Miller, Executive Producer, on the fates of Bellamy and Finn in season 2 of The 100



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    Bellamy calling Clarke “sleeping beauty”….. I’m slowly slipping into a coma…..

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    Clarke Griffin + through Bellamy’s eyes (Part 1/2)

    "He’d never known a girl who was so beautiful and intense at once."- Kass Morgan (The 100)

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    Clarke Griffin+ through Bellamy’s eyes (Part 2/2)

    "With her eyes closed and lips slightly parted, the afternoon light dancing over her reddish-blonde hair like a halo, she looked like one of the fairies he used to describe to Octavia in her bedtime stories."- Kass Morgan (Day 21)

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The 100 season 2 poster!!


    The 100 season 2 poster!!

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  7. Vote for Bellarke [x]

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*The 100: Day 21 Bellarke BOOK SPOILER*  They freakin love each other, this needs to carry on into the show.


    *The 100: Day 21 Bellarke BOOK SPOILER*
    They freakin love each other, this needs to carry on into the show.

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    The 100 - Favorite Bellarke scenes - 1 / too many

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  11. @ddlovato: Sometimes it just feels so amazing to finally stand up for yourself. I highly recommend it. Life is too short to be taken for granted. #werk

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  13. I was walking around yesterday and I had sunglasses on — and I hate wearing sunglasses because I think it’s really pretentious, but it was sunny, so I wore sunglasses — and someone recognized me when I had sunglasses on! That was really scary, but I found it really cool as well, I was like, “Hey, you recognized my eyebrows! Yay!”

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Untitled on We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/137695017
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    They Call Themselves The Guardians of the Galaxy

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